JQ Sirls

Founder of Fantoria

I created Fantoria when I was seven years old. I remember, because it was right after I saw a TV show during summer camp where a kid drew a cartoon character that popped from the page to became his best friend. Since then, I was consumed with the idea of my drawings coming to life. When they obviously didn’t, I created a far-away world where they all must be, and regularly imagined myself there with them. It was the creation of Fantoria and the desire to see my characters come to life where my obsessive passion for storytelling, illustration, and design grew. I legitimately fooled myself into an interest in learning.

As I got older and began to really feel the void left by not having my father active like other kids, I questioned the disconnect that many adults have with children and wondered if it’s a cause to why many children grow up too fast. I noticed that many adults play a bigger game of pretend than kids do with many not-so-drastic-as-they-seem problems and worries. The difference being that children ‘KNOW’ when they are playing it and many adults do not. It’s at this conclusion where I decided to make Fantoria evolve a little.

If children need their imaginations curated to assist in self-development and adults need to be reminded of the ‘what-ifs,’ ‘why nots,’ and free-feelings of childhood, then Fantoria can be for them both. So I decided to make Fantoria silly and nonsensical enough for a child to love and self-develop their own interest in learning (like I did), while also making aspects of Fantoria cool enough for an adult to enjoy too.

After receiving my B.A. in English from Rockhurst University (Kansas City, Missouri), I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2014 where I later got my M.B.A. in Business Innovation to help me finally introduce Fantoria to you.

I hope you enjoy Fantoria as much I still do.

– JQ Sirls

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