Coming Summer 2017

Publishing a Fictional Children’s Picture Book

By JQ Sirls | Founder of Fantoria

Looking to create your own children’s picture book? In this online course, JQ will give you the tools and resources needed to publish your own high-quality picture book that children will want to read over and over again. Prepare for an exciting step-by-step process from imaginative story concept to final product.

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My kids love It All Started When.... They were immediately engrossed in the world of Fantoria, and loved creating their own best imaginary friend from Fantoria. I have never seen them so engaged in a book!

Daniel DentonFather

No Monster No! is my son's favorite book. The quality of the Fantoria products (I have the books and plushes) are top notch. Definitely recommend.

Anika Dominguez-Schott Mother

It All Started When... is simple enough to captivate a 2 year old, but brilliant enough to garner the attention of an adult. A unique interactive picture book that will keep your child entertained for hours as a co-author. DEFINITELY a book that needs to be in EVERY bookshelf!

Hannah BanksMother

No Monster No! was a MUST read in my house at least twice a day until my son learned how to read it for himself. It now warms my heart to see him read it to his baby sister with the animated voices and all!

Jazmone LongMother

We love our book No Monster No!. The excellent quality and beautifully animated story make Fantoria books a cut above the rest. Highly recommend!

Nyote CalixteMother

I love the books and so does my grandchildren, they let their imagination explore like a child is supposed to.

Halitha Richardson-WilliamsGrandmother

This is just the beginning! Fantoria is a new world of whimsical imagination! We are privileged to be invited on the ride! The books are innovative, descriptive, and fun for all ages. I can't wait to get my plush toys!

Yara Yesenia Gomez

W O W ! THIS. BOOK. IS. EVERYTHING. [It All Started When...] What a creative way to engage little people to exploring all of the corners of their imagination. Thank you JQ Sirls for creating this book. My boys are all over this book and their new blue stuffed friends. This is a MUST GET for your kids!!

Erica KeithMother

I bought It All Started for my grandson, and he loved it! I like that these books are pulling parent or grandparents back to the basics of interacting with their children and grandchildren. It also helps children to develop healthy imaginations as well.

Andrea ParkesGrandmother

JQ is one of the most passionate and creative artists I know. I love his storytelling abilities and am swept away by the adventurous world he's created for children and adults. I am excited for more products to be released.

Sally Pho


Odell TalleyUncle