We started with a belief.
That deep down in every adult
exists a bright-eyed child.
A six year old.

A child who still believes in wonder.
A child who still embraces imagination.
A child who sees the world as what it could be
instead of fearing what it will never be.

For every adult that embraces their inner child,
the world nudges forward.
Visionaries emerge.
And dreamers reignite.
Childhood becomes cool again
instead of a disease that cures with age.

How can you tell a child to follow their dreams,
if you are too busy burying yours?
How can you tell a child to believe,
when you have lost belief in yourself?

The hard truth
is that children do not do what you say.
They do as you do.
And when you stop treating your inner child as a curse,
maybe they’ll stop trying so hard to grow up.

That is why we must make a change.
We must remember when nonsense made sense
and when imagination was the strongest power in the universe.
Our inner child just needs to be provoked,
and once it is, 
we can provoke the world’s—together.