Donnie Doughnut Emoji App
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Add a little smile and color to your iMessages with our lovable pastry-faced gentleman, Donnie Doughnut! With this sticker pack, you can place any one of Donnie’s silly faces or sayings anywhere in your message—and on photos you send and receive!
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Run, Donnie Doughnut Mobile App
Easy enough for a kid to learn.
Hard enough to save an adult from boredom.
Retro Donnie Doughnut
Run, Donnie Doughnut! is an 8-Bit, retro-styled arcade game that is as simple to play as it is addictive. As the game gets faster and faster the longer you play, your objective is to stay alive, avoid delicious obstacles, and collect as many ice-cream cones as you can. Can you maintain the highest score among your friends?
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Run, Donnie Doughnut! game screens
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Who is Donnie Doughnut?

Fantoria’s resident mascot and hero.

Created in a top-secret lab in Moodi Castle, Donnie Doughnut was born by mixing various desserts with the mysterious chemical ‘D.N.T.,’ said to contain the hero-making sweat of four ancient celestial doughnut sprinkles. But he’s super cool. When he’s not being a hero, he’s usually with his pal ‘Ghost Pizza,’ playing pranks on other Fantorians. 

Get to know Donnie and his Pals


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