The Biggest Kid in the Room...

Created when he was seven-years-old, multi-media artist, JQ Sirls, has nearly spent his entire life building Fantoria to be the Disney of tomorrow and building himself to be the living Willy Wonka deserving enough to lead it. 

At seven-years-old, JQ saw a television show where another boy drew a cartoon character that later came to life and became the the boy's best friend. Consumed with the idea, JQ began drawing dozens of fantastical characters, each one stranger and sillier than before, waiting for them to jump off the page and greet him. When they inevitably didn't, JQ assumed that it wasn't because it was impossible for his characters to come to life, but that his skills weren't yet good enough.

So he gave his characters a home, called Fantoria, and spent the next several years creating even more inhabitants while studying illustration, design, publishing, scriptwriting, film, theater, music, creative direction, entrepreneurship and innovation in hopes of bringing them to life and inspiring others to dream big and believe in the impossible—like he still does. 

Fantoria was officially established as a California-based company in 2015.

**If you would like to work with JQ or join the Fantoria team, please send a message via the Contact Us tab in the menu below. We are not accepting any unsolicited story or character material.