No Monster No!

No Monster No!


From whimsical mind of JQ Sirls comes a tale about a bold little girl who takes the monster under her bed to school and teaches him manners!

Joey—the monster—thought it would all be easy; he would appear from under Sarah’s bed, sneak upon her slowly and scare the daylights out of her! But unfortunately, he was very wrong. Sarah not only stopped him from scaring her, she stopped him from scaring anyone ever again by telling Joey, “NO,” giving him clothes, and taking him to her school to teach him MANNERS.

  • Digital Download: 41 pages

  • Age: 3+

  • Feature: Repetitive Rhyming & Humor

  • Feature: Can be used to discuss bullying

  • Publisher: Fantoria; 1st edition (2015)

  • Language: English

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