Fantoria is far away world accessible only to those who believe in childlike wonder, nonsense, and curiosity.

That’s one way to describe us.

We’re suppose to say that, “Fantoria is a multimedia studio whose mission is to create content that lets children self-create an interest in developmental learning.” But honestly, we just want slow down the pressures of kids having to grow up so fast. Being a kid is really awesome, and it’s important that kids know that; it’s important that we adults show them that. That’s why in Fantoria, children aren’t just spectators and consumers, but residents and co-creators as well.

By introducing stories and a world that they co-create with us, kids can be weird, strange, and nonsensical without being judged or evaluated. With a little nudge, we aim to help kids hold onto their fearless childlike sense of wonder, so when they do grow up, they’re ready to take on every challenge thrown at them.

“I created Fantoria when I was seven years old. I wanted to create a world where no one could argue with me about things not making sense and where my imaginary friends hung out while I was at school. It was creating Fantoria where my passion in reading, writing and many other developmental skills grew before any taught lesson or class. If simply being a kid helped me learn real-world skills on my own, then maybe it can work for other kids. I can give them a platform to expand their imaginations, no matter how weird or strange, and the educational skills create themselves.”” –JQ / Founder
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Founder & Big Kid

Get to know JQ Sirls, the owner and creator of Fantoria.

Rules of Fantoria

Learn the super serious (not serious at all) rules of Fantoria.

Our manifesto.

Our dedication to ourselves and to the kids we adore.

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Who is Donnie Doughnut?

Fantoria’s resident mascot and hero.

Created in a top-secret lab in Moodi Castle, Donnie Doughnut was born by mixing various desserts with the mysterious chemical ‘D.N.T.,’ said to contain the hero-making sweat of four ancient celestial doughnut sprinkles. But he’s super cool. When he’s not being a hero, he’s usually with his pal ‘Ghost Pizza,’ playing pranks on other Fantorians. 

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